VH Mfg, Inc. Acquires The Calf Catcher Product Line

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VH Mfg, Inc. Acquires The Calf Catcher Product Line


VH Mfg. Inc., of Rock Valley Iowa, has reached an agreement with New Tec Inc. to purchase The Calf Catcher product line.

The Calf Catcher mounts to nearly any ATV/UTV on the market, measuring 4’x6’, with 8” of ground clearance, standing 5’ high. The spring-loaded gates are opened by pulling a rope while seated on the ATV. There is a latch to hold the gates open while catching the calf, and once the calf is in the pen, the gates are released by stepping on the latch pedal located near the ATV operator’s foot. The Calf Catcher protects the operator from over-protective mother cows while treating, tagging and weighing newborn calves.

The Calf Catcher is sold through a network of dealers located throughout the region that can be accessed on our website www.calfid.com. The customer is also welcome to contact VH Mfg. Inc. directly, toll-free at 888-765-9846. We will do our best to determine a dealer in your area.

About VH Mfg. Inc.
VH Mfg. Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural-related products as well as engineering, metal fabrication and welding, rotationally molded plastics, assembly and distribution.  There is also a link on their website which will direct the customer to the livestock section of the shopping cart at

01/05/2012 4:04 PM
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