Author: Ken Knight

Is ‘Pork Texas’ What the Industry is Looking For?

The pork industry continues to get bombarded by animal rights activists and healthier consumer advocates who want the pork produced as Mother Nature intended. This demand presents an investment opportunity that begs for attention. As I was watching national TV news the other night, I was shocked to hear of yet another major player in the pork industry succumbing to the pressures of animal rights fanatics. Hormel announced that it would no longer accept hogs from one of their major suppliers in Oklahoma because of inhumane treatment of hogs. The pig farm had been under surveillance by an animal...

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Could the Livestock Industry Succumb to Animal Rights Activists?

When do the rights of a few uninformed, misguided, malcontents take precedence over scientifically proven animal husbandry practices? Animal science has come a long way in the development of production practices that have dramatically improved the efficiencies and welfare of livestock production. Yet, with total disregard for all of these accomplishments, the food industry is succumbing to the whims of a few radicals. Please don’t let congress decree animal welfare standards for all livestock farmers. It would be a dangerous precedent for an industry that has been built on scientific research. Let’s not throw the baby out with the...

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It’s Time to Grab the Bull By the Horns

Let free enterprise flow freely – no government payments of any kind, to anybody for any reason. Let supply and demand/profit and loss set the market. Government intervention simply messes up these natural market forces and allows the dubious manipulation to reap the fruits of the harvest; leaving those who have worked from sunup to sundown with the spoils of a broken and corrupt system. Agriculture has probably produced more millionaires than any other enterprise, but it is seldom in the hands of he who holds the pitchfork and shovel. Farmers may farm the land and feed the livestock,...

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Country Angels: A True Christmas Miracle That Touched Many Lives

This column is dedicated to my granddaughter, Breanna Kinneman, who was in a horrific car accident — for which her life was spared, but lost both of her legs. We go through life wishing and praying for miracles, none more special than those that happen during the season of Christmas. It happened just before Thanksgiving, when the Christmas season had already begun. A time of excitement, hope, love and miracles. A time when all of these things seem a little more special than at any other time of the year. The Christmas lights shone brightest that night all up...

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The Centerpiece of Christmas is the Stable

Thank God for livestock at the time of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! With the stench of the election still blowing in the wind, Christmas comes as a breath of fresh air. Like that of cleaning the barn and refurbishing it with the amenities of golden flurry straw and freshly mown alfalfa hay — the comparison is heartwarming and reassuring. So much so, that I want to continue to share with you the most popular of all my columns. There has been more response to the Christmas message than any other “story” I’ve told, a...

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